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David Ellis wrote:

The All Galicia Database on has a record for my ancestor
Moses MESSER. The House Owners database for Rozdol in 1850 lists his
house number 31/b and building parcel 83.

The cadastral map for Rozdol shows numbers on all the buildings. Number
31 faces the entry to a synagogue (29), and number 83 faces the central
market square. Are they house numbers or building parcel numbers?
The map of Rozdol is a late-state (finished) cadastral map, so the
numbers on the buildings are building parcel (tax) numbers. For your
ancestor, you should focus on the number 83 you identified facing the
market square. Because the property owners register and the map date
from the same survey, you can be confident in the correlation of your
family with that location in Rozdol, at least in 1850.

You have asked a good question, and one which applies to many
researchers who have found maps for their towns on the Gesher Galicia
Map Room. The answer to this question will vary >from case to case,
depending on the type of map we have online, so it's always good to

By the way, the map of Rozdol and this very question were discussed in
a Map Corner article in the March 2017 edition of Gesher Galicia's
quarterly research journal, The Galitzianer. The journal is a benefit
for Gesher Galicia members (including access to past issues).

A related question: Do you have a link to a page with the legend for the
cadastral maps?
Yes - more information about cadastral maps and a good example of the
legends which accompanied the maps are on the References page of the
Map Room:
The legend image is at:
but I recommend reviewing all of the information on the References
page to support your research.

Thank you, and kind regards,

Jay Osborn
Gesher Galicia Digital Maps Manager

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