Re: Searching for American immigration for Jennie Baer #usa #general #lithuania

Sally Bruckheimer

"I am searching for my great grandmother's immigration entry to America. Ive searched many times and ways. Jennie Baer- born 1887 in Salat Russia,"

Did she marry before she came to the US? Where did she live when she first came? What was her maiden name? Do you know her relatives who she might have come to? She might have come using her maiden name, which you don't say. If she went to Milwaukee, or anywhere outside NYC, right away, she might have come to a different port - even if she came to NYC, she might have come to Philadelphia or Boston. 

Did she get naturalized herself - or if she came to her husband, where did he come from?, was he naturalized? There is much else that will help. Censuses? Death records. The list goes on and on.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

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