translation requst, radom book of records #translation

arnold friedman

i would appreciate help in translation the last for rows and the
column headings for this book of record page

to help in the translation
serka-liba frydman (maiden name) married chaim karpenkopf. He died in
1917 and she remarried Israel (or azyrl) frydman. So my mothers
maiden and 2nd marriage name are the same.

they had four children Sura frydman, Chil frydman, Chaim frydman and
Elizer frydman. Chil died in 1925, so i don't know when this record
was made but after 1928, the oldest son's birth. Any ideas?

i don't know the exact marriage date of Israel and serka liba. The
gov record was filed in early 1924 and said they got married in dec
1923. But by the birthdate of sura (which is consistent with other
info I have), I assume they were married in 1921 or before.

I dont know why the husband (israel frydman) is not here since israel
& serka-liba were married at this point or Israel's children from
the first marriage Gitla or Jakow-Joseph

thank you in advance with our help in translation and any other
knowledge on this record that can be provided, i know especially the
last column is hard to read. This is the only copy that I have.


arnold friedman
redwood city, ca usa

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