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Claudia Bullock wrote: <<My grandfather, Morris Newman, indicated on
his Connecticut Naturalization papers that he was born in Satin, Austria,
and that his last place of residence before immigrating to the U.S. was
Frassin, Austria. He also says on his World War I draft registration that he
was born in Saiten, Galicia, Austria. Now, my grandfather was the oldest
of 4 brothers, and his younger brothers are all known to have been born
in Czortkow. What is puzzling is that there doesn't seem to be any town
called Saiten, or Satin. So, I am looking for advice on what town this
could possibly be...>>


The first rule when trying to identify an immigrant's unknown town is to
be sure you have obtained all possible family documents and data >from

The town of Satin or Saiten, Austria was not found in Gesher Galicia's
Galician Town Locator or JewishGen Gazetteer, searching by distance
and direction >from Czortkow, now Chortkiv, Ukraine (coordinates 4901
< >
< >

Claudia did not mention having Morris Newman's ship manifest. Per his
naturalization documents, including Certificate of Arrival, Morris
immigrated 26 Jul 1910 as Moses Neuman on the Noordam >from
Rotterdam. Morris' ship manifest lists stepmother Neche Newman in
Frassin Bucowina, destination brother Max in Hartford Conn, and place
of birth Husiatyn, Austria.

JewishGen Communities Locality Page for Husyatyn, Ukraine
< >
Husiatyn was in Galicia, Austria before WWI and in Kopyczynce district,
Tarnopol province, Poland between the Wars. Coordinates 4904 2613.

JewishGen Communities Locality Page for Frasin, Romania
< >
Frassin was in Bukovina, Austria before WWI and in Romania between the
Wars. Coordinates 4732 2548.

Bukovina is a historical region today divided between Romania and
Ukraine. A region of Moldavia during the Middle Ages, the territory of
what became known as Bukovina was, >from 1774 to 1918, an
administrative division of the Habsburg Monarchy, the Austrian Empire,
and Austria-Hungary.

Bette Stoop Mas

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