Re: ABRAMOWITZ of Novarodok-19th cent. #names


In the discussion about Abramovitz in Novogrudok, it was noted that many Abramovitz families lived in Korelitz (Karelich), which is very close to Novogrudok.
In the discussion it was also noted that "the Korelitz Yizkor book does not have a list of names...the Korelitz names are listed in the Nowogrodek Yizkor book."

However, please note this clarification:
1) The names of those who were murdered in the Holocaust do appear in the translated online Korelitz book on Pages 290-311.
2) Although an Index of names was not originally prepared for the translated Korelitz book when it was first published in hardcover, it was added in later.
The Index appears as a link on the JewishGen YBIP page for Korelitz

(and similarly there is an Index of names for the Yizkor Book of Lyubcha and Delyatichi, 2 towns not far from Korelitz):

Indeed in the Novogrudok Yizkor Book there are both:
a List of the Jews in the Ghetto of Karelich prepared in Russian which does not appear in the Korelitz Yizkor Book, and
a List of Martyrs of Karelich, which does seems to be the same as that appearing in the Korelitz Yizkor Book, despite different transliterations of the names.
 General information re Name Indices to Yizkor Books in Print – Initially all Yizkor Books in Print did not have Name Indices. However at some stage the Project Coordinators decided they should be prepared, and the Name Index is now included in every Yizkor Book published or republished. For those holding earlier published books, the Yizkor Books in Print page now includes links to the Name Index for the book that people can print out and slip into their books.
Ann Belinsky -Israel
Translation Coordinator of the Korelitz Yizkor Book and of the Lyubcha and Delyatichi Yizkor Book,
MANTEL - Dumbrova-Tarnow or the surroundings
HALFCOTE, HELFGOTT - Warsaw, England
BELINSKY - Male-Sedlishche (Shlishtch Zuta)

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