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June Genis

I'm trying to reconcile what appears to be conflicting information on
different records which may require tracking down who was living at a
particular address in 1905.

I have a "CERTIFICATE AND RECORD OF MARRIAGE" from the New York City
Dept. of Health for Samuel Okun to "Rose Palley" in 1909 which appears
to list her father as "S. Palley" The bride's address was 115
Hinsdale St which appears to be in Brooklyn. That address pops up
in other related records as well.

The 1910 census shows a Louis Pailley at that same address with a wife
of the same name as listed as the bride's mother, Fannie, on the
marriage record.. Old handwriting, especially capital S vs capital L,
can be tricky but there are other capital S words on the same page in
the certificate. The different spelling of the last name doesn't
bother me but "S" vs "Louis" does. Could it be that whoever entered
the information got the wrong initial for the father of the bride?
The handwriting looks to be the same for both the bride and groom so I
assume it was a clerk who entered the data. Of course Rose is not
listed on the 1910 census for 115 Hinsdale but on a later census she
and Samuel appear to be living there with the Palley's having moved to
what looks like another nearby location.

How can I find out who was living at 115 Hinsdale when the 1905 New
York State Census was taken?

June Genis

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