Re: Searching for American immigration for Jennie Baer #usa #general #lithuania

Kathryn Kanarek James

I couldn’t find my great grandmother on a manifest for years! Her US name, as found in census records and her death certificate, was Jennie Goldstein! She was a widow who was never natualuzed inthe US. sent in a gravestone picture request to findagrave and got a picture of her gravestone. The given name Jennie is not there, but the name Baba is, as well as the Yiddish name Keile Golde. I then searched at the Ellis Island site for Baba Goldstein. No luck! Then, I searched on B*b* Goldstein. I finally found her! She was a widow from Shpikov of the right age range (based on census data). Who knew? You have to be very creative to find these records. Also, look at marriage and death records for the children of your relative because they may contain the various names used by your relative.

Kathryn (Keile Beile) Kanarek James
Annandale, Virginia
searching for Goldstein and Landa in or near Shpikov, Siduch and Wegodner in Justingrad, Kanarek and Brod in Galicia

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