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I recently found out that my grandfather Max LEFKOWITZ who was living in Newark, NJ was buried in the Bayside Cemetery, in Queens, NY.
Nana(nayna) Redell

I am not sure what the current status of Bayside is. There was an effort (the last of many) maybe two years ago to clean it up. But unless they have done ongoing maintenance it would be useless.

The office was ransacked years ago and most of the onsite records lost ... I was actually there before it happened and even then the records were spotty.

I have not been to the cemetery in years and I am not sure what it hours are for visiting as I think they are limited. Also I am not sure it is the best of areas so I wold not go alone. My great grandfather is among the missing at Bayside which is a great personal frustration.

As for finding a grave there are several partial databases of Bayside burials. Check the JOWBR record here at JewishGen to start. Steve Lasky had some records but I don't know what his status is and he had the overall map of the cemetery You could try emailing him to see if he has the person in his records but make sure you give him the date of burial.

Like most cemeteries it is divided into mostly burial societies. You need to find the name of the society and its gate number.

The Jewish Theological Institute has the burial books and you can try emailing them and ask them to give you the data. My experiences with them were difficult and uncooperative.

Also try newspapers and see if you can find a notice for the person's burial because it might give the name of the society.

Without the society name and the gate number it is a nearly impossible search because of the size of the cemetery especially since you said you are looking for a singe grave.

There are two cemeteries bordering Bayside that are separate but in poor condition as well. A lot of people got confused with which of the three cemeteries a person was being buried in so it is not uncommon to find a record saying Bayside but the person is in one of the two adjoining cemeteries.

Wish there was more encouraging news to offer.

Allan Jordan
New York

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