Re: 1905 New York Census #usa #records


LIke Mr. Lerner, I have found my family members with all sorts of names.  In a conversation famous in my family, I told my father that I had found his grandfather's ship passage, but with several names I didn't know.  I told him one.  Oh, he said, that's my aunt Tillie!  Obviously, I was new to genealogy at the time and forgot to ask Hebrew/Yiddish names that might apply.   Another example.  My mother's last name is spelled one way on her birth certificate in 1925 and on other documents.  Her b.c. lists no middle name.  But by 1933, the family name was spelled another way that has persisted to this day. And my mother's Hebrew name became her middle name.  Did I mention that the spelling of her first name was also revised?  The same is true of my grandmother's maiden name and her first name.
In other words, we must be flexible in looking at data we find.  Who else do we find with known relatives?  If they are also known relatives, it's probably our family, regardless of changes in spelling.

Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

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