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The Becker's Email

The family arrived NY on 15 May 1906 on the ship Zeeland out of Antwerp per Louis Pailey's 1909 declaration of intent.  Original available on Ancestry.

The ship's manifest has the family surname as Polez.  They are all there.  Spelling of the first names varies slightly depending on whether you use the website or Ancestry for the manifest. Louis's first name on the mainfest definitely begins w/ "L".  Ancestry has Leibe and stevemorse has Lerbe.  They were going to cousin Sam Katzenbogen at 149 Belmont Ave Brooklyn.  Spelling of cousin's surname is hard to read as is the exact street name but there was a Saml Katzenbogen at 149 Belmont Ave  on the 1905 NY census for Brooklyn.

i don't believe researching the Hinsdale address in 1905 would yield any necessarily meaningful info.  

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

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