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Nana Redell

Thank you for all the replies. This was my very first post on the mailing list. I did find my Max in the list with the age he died, the day he was buried and the synagogue  he was a member of. It was Bnai Jacob which I believe is in Queens. I have to tell you that I have not read up on how the sponsoring society  determines the area of burial I don’t know if there was a headstone as he was the first on in the family to die and I have no idea what finances were. I can see it is pointless to try to send someone searching without this key info. 
Do you think that the synagogue  would have records? Before I received the death cert I had a librarian in Newark  search obits, death index and so forth  for Max and she found nothing. He did die in Beth Israel Hospital in Newark and was transported to the burial site in NY.
Can anyone verify this next statement? My mother told me that the reason Max was buried in what she referred to as Brooklyn was that religious rules or customs mandated he be buried across water from where the death took place. 
Just to be sure I called again and the phone has been disconnected.
This may be a dead end for a while. If anyone has suggestions or more ideas please let me know. Getting the death cert and at least having  a burial place was a big step forward for me. 

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I have transcribed the burial records to a spreadsheet after  Florence Marmor z"l died,  Florence used me as a back-up for years The data is still waiting for a permanent home.  There are 32,300 entries
I would think JewishGen should be / would be happy to host that list if you offered it.
Does it have location information by society name and gate numbers?
Allan Jordan

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