REQUEST: close-up photograph of an image on a grave in Montreal QC Canada #photographs #canada

Chloe Kogan


I have a special request for a photograph of an image on a grave in Montreal. The gravestone of my uncle Mortimor (may his memory be for a blessing) has his photograph set into it, and it's the only photo of him that's still in existence that I'm aware of.

My request is for a close-up, head-on photograph just of Morty's photograph on the gravestone -- as high a quality as possible.

My plan is to print out the photo you take and frame it and give it as a gift to my aunt, who has been without a photo of her beloved late brother her entire adult life. I'm including the info for the grave's location below, as well as a link to its profile on JOWBR. Thank you so much in advance for your help.

Cemetery: Back River Cemetery - Memorial Gardens
Section: Shaare Zion Congregation
Address: Corner Berri and Sauve, Montreal, Quebec
Location: Line 11 Grave 9
Map 1:
Map 2:
Name: Mortimor KOGAN

Again, thank you so much in case you can help with this request.

Be well,
Chloë Kogan
Arizona, USA
Email: 802ben@...

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