Offering Mt Zion photos (Maspeth, Queens, NY) #usa #photographs

A. E. Jordan

I have gotten a number of requests for photos from Mt Zion cemetery after I mentioned I would be heading there in the near future. Do not know the specific timing, maybe Sunday if I am feeling adventurous.

Process I follow is fairly simple in offering to take photos for people.

You ID the grave from the cemetery's online database and send me the details. I take a photo and email it to you and in turn I appreciate a few dollars to help defer the expense of doing this for everyone, ie gasoline money.
I am happy to help out where I can, but please don't send me a generic name and ask me to find the person at the cemetery and please don't send me around the cemetery to find the 20 people named Jack Cohen because one of them might possibly be your long lost cousin. The cemetery is massive and a few people have asked me to do that and it is a very slow process that takes a lot of time and gasoline, etc. and detracts from everyone's request. The process I follow is that I sort everyone's requests into a route from one end of the cemetery to the other so if I get bogged down I don't get all the way through the cemetery in one visit. (The last go at Mount Hebron ended up taking four visits.)

Also if you are asking for an infant or child's grave please tell me. They are mostly in separate areas of the plots and a lot of those graves do not have markers.
Mt Zion has a very good database. It is better if you search the name on the Mt Zion database versus the commercial Find a Grave because the position information and data is better at the cemetery's page.
Feel free to ask me questions via email and ask about other NYC area cemeteries because I will visit most of them as the spring/summer progresses. There's a few I do not go to because of distance or safety issues.
Please respect the discussion group and send your specific requests to me privately by replying to this email or my email address aejordan at aol dot com.
Allan Jordan
New York

PS for folks who asked me for Mt Hebron I think I have been in touch with all of you privately now ... and if not please email me because I think I got everything that was requested (and then some) at that cemetery.


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