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Oliver Marshall

Hi Sophia,

Yes, it’s an interesting story....

I tested the first two paragraphs on Google translate. This worked well. All you need to do is copy and paste and translate one or two paragraphs at a time. It should all take you no more than half an hour. For an idea as to what to expect, here are the results of translating the introductory and first paragraphs:

The hunt for mysterious grandfather
For many years I knew almost nothing about my grandfather's story. He really was from England? And what was his life like before he came to Norway? His story turned out to be even more exciting than I could have imagined in advance. A ANNE DEAN 
My grandfather died in Lørenskog 22 years before I was born. On the tombstone is Sidney Dean, 21.5.1894– 5.7.1942. I now know that the only information that is correct is the date of death. The date of birth must have been taken by his grandfather from the air and the name he used varied throughout his life. As I grew older, my desire to find out about my grandfather's origins increased. All I knew was that he came from England and that in 1925 he married my grandmother Ragna. Together they had two sons. My father Clarence was the youngest of them.
Occasionally the text is a tiny bit clunky, but it can easily be polished.


Oliver Marshall

London – England


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