Re: nad Dneper info for Belarus? #belarus #general


Thank you - yes - I have his surname from his marriage certificate from a Belarus database. Alas, I have not found him on any other sources and I think likely he did not immigrate. The marriage certificate also lists his father's name. I'm trying to find out 1) what happened to him and his wife; 2) the name of his brothers.

The JewishGen Belarus database is throwing me off a little bit. It has a lot of good info that I am reviewing, however it also has a lot of the results show a list of what's technically available, but not up on JewishGen and translated. For example, It states that to access the records I must "LDS microfilms, or at the National Historical Archives of Belarus in Minsk." Am I missing something?

Brianna Knoppow
Washington DC (from Michigan)


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