Contacting National Archives of Belarus? #belarus



I wrote the following message to the "National Historical Archives of Belarus". Their response, Google Translate told me, was a link to a request form and a link to info on their 'reading room' hours. Anyone traveling to Belarus? Has anyone placed an order with the National Historical Archives of Belarus by chance? If so, I may ask you which link I should click on. The options are not in English.

I am seeking information about my family who lived in Belarus long ago. I have heard that there is an item, Collection #2151 of the
Mogilev Treasury that includes Revision (census) lists and alphabetical lists of Jewish Town dwellers in a number of gubernia, districts, towns, and
I was also told that there is Collection #330 of the Minsk City Government for Town Dwellers and it contains a
family list of Jewish townsdwellers of Minsk in 1894 (884 families). These names were translated >from Russian to English and appeared
in the RAGAS Report. I have no idea what the RAGAS report is. Anyway, could you please assist me in having the opportunity to view the two collections that I included in this email? I would be very grateful.

Brianna Knoppow
Washington DC (from Michigan)


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