JewishGen Future Scholars Fellows - Days 3 & 4 Recap #galicia

Nancy Siegel

Report >from Poland:

It has been an exhausting but meaningful two days!

On Friday morning, the JewishGen Fellows got up early, and after a
delicious breakfast at Hotel Ilan w Lublinie (housed in the Chachmei
Lublin Yeshiva), traveled to the Gazeta Krakowska (Krakowska Gate),
walked through the Old City of Lublin, and then had a guided tour of the
Brama Grodzka (Grodzka Gate) Living Museum with Teresa Klimowicz.

from there, it was on to Tarnow. After stopping for lunch at the fabulous
The Nosh - A Kosher Cafe & Mina's Art Gift Gallery (the first Kosher
restaurant in Tarnow in 77 years), and hearing >from Gerald Vineberg
(the proprietor) about the history of Jewish Tarnow, the Fellows visited
the Old Synagogue which had been destroyed in 1939 (only the Bima -
Bima Synagogi Starej - remains), and the Old Jewish Cemetery, where
they had an opportunity to hear >from Adam Bartosz (who headed the
Committee for the Protection of Monuments of Jewish Culture in
Tarnow), and his daughter Magda Mihal Bartosz.

The Fellows then traveled to Krakow, Poland, where they would spend
Shabbat in the Kazimierz Jewish district. Following optional Friday
night services at the Izaak Synagogue, everyone enjoyed a Shabbat
dinner by the JCC Krakow with a Holocaust survivor, local residents,
and other visiting groups.

On Shabbat morning, some of the participants chose to attend services
again at the Izaak Synagogue, while others attended the Remuh
Synagogue (which reopened to the public just a few years ago, after
major restoration efforts). A wonderful lunch was enjoyed at the Kosher
Shop Delight Restaurant.

Immediately after lunch, the Fellows once again visited the JCC, where
they had an opportunity to hear >from Jonathan Ornstein, Executive
Director of the JCC Krakow. He discussed how the JCC got started, the
status of the current community, and the inspirational work he is doing
on behalf of the Krakow and Polish Jewish communities in general.

In the afternoon, the Fellows discovered some of the history of the
Kazimierz and Old Krakow, with a 2.5 hour walking tour. (It was very

Following some free time to explore, the Fellows were joined by Steven
D. Reece, Przemek Panasiuk, and Rachael Romero, >from The Matzevah
Foundation, Inc., for Sedua Shlishit/Dinner. In the evening, Steven D.
Reece, Avraham Groll, and Dan Oren conducted a session which
focused on the individual Fellows - why they applied for the Fellowship,
what their expectations were, and what JewishGen and The Matzevah
Foundation are hoping to accomplish with this program.

After Havdala, the Fellows enjoyed some refreshing ice cream at the
Kosher Ice Cream shop in Krakow.

It was a meaningful and inspirational Shabbat, and gives us the strength
to head into the week. Tomorrow, the Fellows will visit the
Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, with a tour led by Pawel
Sawicki, followed by a visit to the Auschwitz Jewish Center, where they
will have a tour of the Oswiecim Synagogue and AJC Museum.

They will then make their way to Krzepice, and have an evening session
with Steven Reece about the importance of cemetery work that the
Fellows will be engaged in this week.

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Nancy Siegel (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Communications Coordinator

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