Discounts on DNA tests thru Mother's Day #dna

Erica Fox Zabusky

Last month I attended a webinar about DNA testing, and we learned that many companies would be offering a discount for National DNA Day on April 25th. I missed that deadline, but learned that companies offer a Mother's Day discount through Sunday, May 9th. The companies I found with offers are: 
1. Ancestry - $60 (down from $100); 
2. Family Tree DNA - $60 (down from $80), with option to add mtDNA for $140 (down from $160); and 
3. My Heritage - $60 (down from $80). 
It was suggested we get 2 tests done - one with Ancestry and one with 23andMe, as they don't allow transfer of data between the two. I'm curious about Family Tree, as they are affiliated with JewishGen, but have a much smaller database (with likely a higher percentage of Jews in it than the others), and My Heritage, which is a newer company. Should I spring for 2 tests, one with Ancestry and another one? Or just start Ancestry and wait for the next holiday discount to purchase another test?

Erica Fox Zabusky

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Erica Fox Zabusky
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