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Dear Mr. Fraser, 
Having visited Vienna recently, I found your question very interesting. During my visit, I learned that only one of the 94 synagogues survived the November 1938 pogroms.  It was the Stadttempel (Jewish City Temple) built in 1826 by architect, Josef Kornhaüsl.  When it was constructed (in 1826) laws prohibited any religious building, other than Catholic Churches, from standing alongside the city’s main streets.  So, the architect designed and built a legally  “hidden” Jewish place of worship within an apartment complex situated on one of Vienna’s main thoroughfares.  As such, the obscure synagogue evaded  Kristallnacht’s (Nov 9-10, 1938) deleterious effects. 

Armed with this historical snippet, you, like me, will understand why the Jewish records from approximately 94 synagogues (amount of synagogues in 1938) are hard to find.  

To confirm my statements, please visit 

Also, please note that I found Vienna’s current Jewish organizations to be  very helpful regarding my genealogical questions.  

My best to you.  Elizabeth Horen-Cotter from Tampa, FL. USA 

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