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Hello Mr Magocsi,                                                                                                           8th May 2021

looking at your request: 
In my assertion there  are three different birth records:
11.--Sali--might be short for Rosalia -in Hungarian--Jewish name -Baby Suri/Sara --lany/girl  born 3rd June 1878   Torvenyes--meaning /legal/ within Wedlock

12. Jozsef--Jewish Name Josef/Josuf--born 25th June 1878--torvenyes/legal  --  born within wedlock//meaning parents were married  prior to the baby was born.
                    Fiu/ boy--  father's name Gelb Herman--( Family name GELB--first name Herman--in Hungarian at times the letter 'a' had a dash --leading  to the pronunciation of the letter 'a' without the 'dash' being slightly different 
Sadly, in my understanding Baby Jozsef passed away_- in 'Nagy-Ida'--I wonder?  on the 12th or 14th of Teves??

---On a different note: interestingly--My late father-in law's  mother was    ;Nee  Pepi--GELB--( GELB Pepi )  around 1870??

13: baby Eliaz  --born 1878--  fiu/boy  Jewish name -- Sruli? I wonder  short for Yisroel?  Torvanyes /Baby was born also within wedlock

Best wishes to evrybody
Veronika Pachtinger
London UK

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