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Frank Szmulowicz

Let me give it a try. Cursive is hard to decipher. Others may fill in what I've missed.

Year (Rok?) 1868
It took place in the village of Seroczyn, January 3, 1868, at 10 in the morning. Jew (orthodox) Lodek Rubinsztajn, butcher, 48 years old, and Szmul Blusztajn, haberdasher (szmuklerz?), 62 years old, appeared  personally...and declared ... that on the first of the month of the current year died here in Seroczyn? Jew Sról Rubinsztejn, tanner (garbarz?), 70 years old,  .... leaving behind two adult (full age) sons

After personally convincing themselves (naocznie = being eyewitnesses) of the departure (death, zejście) of Jew Srol Rubinsztajn on the first of the month of the current year...

 (Official) Wojciech Zaniewski?
(Names and signatures (in Yidish) of the witnesses)
Lodek Rubinsztajn
Szmul Blusztajn
The bottom portion regards the death of another person in the town of Skoczka? of Jew Kiwa Josek Lyn? on the seventh of the month of the current year. It took place on January 10, 1868.

Sorry. This is all I can decipher for now.

Frank Szmulowicz


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