Re: What would be the correct Bar Mitzvah date in 1961 #general

Lin Mor

After reading the responses posted after my posting, out of curiosity, I looked up the Bar Mitzvah date for my dad. Born 12/16/1920 before sunset which is Tevet 5, 5681.  The circumstances of his Bar Mitzvah were that his oldest brother was getting married! The wedding day was January 6, 1934 (Tevet 19, 5694), a Sunday. The day before, Tevet 18, 5694 was the date of his Bar Mitzvah - I have dated photos. My paternal grandparents were Orthodox and followed the rules and laws closely almost all of the time. In this case, they did not. It seems that one weekend of festivities took place while everyone was "in town." 

Linda Cohen Morzillo
Saratoga Springs, NY

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