Re: What would be the correct Bar Mitzvah date in 1961 #general

A. E. Jordan

I have seen the back and forth discussion on the topic if dates for a Bar Mitzvah.

I would not get so worked up about the specifics unless maybe the family was Orthodox.

Caveat my family was anything but Orthodox,,,,

My 13th birthday fell (like all the other years of my life) in the middle of the summer but my Bar Mitzvah was two months before my birthday in the spring. At the time, I remember my mother saying it was because it would have been in the height of the summer and something about that being a problem with the temple but now I realize it would have interrupted their plans for a summer holiday. The Rabbi was a friend of the family and so I was Bar Mitzvahed two months early. Also since I am totally challenged when it comes to singing, and the Cantor could not stand it, I more chanted and he sung. I actually saw the man just a few years ago because he did the funeral for my mother and he complimented our spoken Hebrew and I said we had a good teacher. I guess he forgot after all these years how bad my singing was in this practice/teaching sessions.

I am sure I am not the only boy that had his date moved to fit schedules. I am sure my Orthodox cousin would be upset (did not know him all those years ago) but my family did not see a problem and that's how it happened for me in the 1970s.

Allan Jordan
New York

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