Looking for neighbourhood Synagogue #unitedkingdom #general

yvonne baines

My great grandparents settled in Liverpool, England.   The 1871 Census has them living on Brown Street, which was near to Brownlow Hill.  The 1881 Census shows them living on Ellesmere Street, which was between Prescot Street & West Derby Street.  Can anyone help me to know which Synagogue they would have attended.  I have looked at the list of Synagogues that were in operation at this time, from looking at 'Old Streets of Liverpool, I have 2 possibilities, Hope Place and Crown Street  (Beth Hamedrash )  On the 1891 census and on I believe they attended the 'Old Hebrew Congregation' on Princes Road.  I would so much appreciate any assistance anyone can give me....  

Yvonne Tamtom

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