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Dear Everyone              11th may 2021

I have read -with great interest the various different thoughts about the Bar-Mitzvah date?----Birthdate?
Jewish ?/and Secular Calendar.?

As a mother and grandmother-
who have had the blessing, honour to celebrate my children/grandchildren's Bar Mitzvah
Please allow me to record my thoughts.

Recorded Baby-boy's  birth-
Secular date 17th August 1948---corresponding to Jewish Calendar:   12th Av 5709
In my  view as we belong to the Jewish faith --especially in respect of a Jewish tradition--Bar Mitzvah 
The Jewish Birthdate is the significant  Date of Birth.

Thirteen years later: The Bar Mitzvah date : the 12th Av 5722---corresponds to 25th July 1961

Therefore the now young boy--
who was born on the 12th Av 5709---will be --age 13 --Be Bar Mitzvah
                      on the 12th Av  5722-
-which happen to be --the 25th July 1961.

There is generally a Seuda-/Dinner -with family friends and Rabbonim --in this case on the 12th Av 5722
The BarMitzvah boy will put on Teffilin--the first time--with his Rabbi and father

On Shabboth--the BarMitzvah Boy is 'called up'  the first time as an 'adult'   to the Safer Torah and
often  does the Leyning/reading  of 'His Sedra'  /the Sedra of the BarMitzvah week

Wishing Everybody lots of Simcha's and Blessed healthy years ahead.

Veronika Pachtinger
London UK.

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