Re: Seeking Assistant to Determine if a Rabbi Moses Eichenstein of Schodnica (late 19th Century) is A Member of Galician Rabbinic Dynasties #galicia #rabbinic #ukraine


There was a Rabbi Moses Eichenstein who served as rabbi in Schodnica, he perished in the Holocaust. 
I found on the web, that his father's name was Rabbi Yehoshia Heshil Eichenstein. 
The name Yehoshia Heshil appears several times in the family tree of the Eichenstein family from the Ziditchoiv (Zhydachiv) Chassidic rabbinical dynasty, in the branch of Rabbi Yehoshia Heshil Eichenstein Rabbi of Chodorov (Kodoriv), son of Rabbi Alexander Yom Tov Lipa Eichenstein Rabbi of Ziditchoiv. The previously mentioned Rabbi Eichenstein from Chicago is a descendant of this branch.
The name Moshe is more common in the Ziditchoiv family tree, not specifically in one branch. 

There was a Rabbi in Choliov Galicia and later in Israel, his name was Rabbi Shimon Efrati. In one of his books he has a page of dedications for his relatives who perished in the Holocaust. One of the names is his uncle Rabbi Moshe Eichenstein from Schodnica. He writes for his father's name only the initial M. also from Chodorov. Apparently Rabbi Moshe was the son-in-law of one of Rabbi Simon's grandfathers; Rabbi Mordecai Efrati or Rabbi Tzvi Wahrman. 

Yitschok Margareten

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