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Yitschok Margareten

This phrase expresses the mercy and love of parents towards their children vs. the mercy and love of children towards their parents. 

This expression is from the work of Rabbi Yeshayahu [Isaiah] Horowitz (c. 1500 - 1630) known as the Shelah Hakaddosh, in his book Shenei Luchos Habris (Shaar HaOsiyos, Derech Eretz)
He writes there about parents supporting their children and giving them large amounts of money. He then mentiones this expression as a folks parable, "אמרו במשל הדיוט, אב אחד מפרנס עשרה בניו באהבה וברצון, ועשרה בנים לא מפרנסים באהבה וברצון אב אחד שלהם" [one father provides for his ten sons with love and will, and ten sons do not support with love and will for their one father]. 

This expression is apparently based on the words of the Talmud (tractate Sotah page 49A) "היינו דאמרי אינשי רחמי דאבא אבני, רחמי דבני אבני דהוי ליה" [the mercy of a father is for his sons, the mercy of the son is for the sons he will have]. 

This idea is also mentioned another place in Talmud (tractate Sanhedrin page 72A-B) in the discussion of home invasion in the Jewish law, that when a father invades his son's home, it's obvious that the father will not kill his son, but in the opposite case this is not certain. 

Yitschok Margareten

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