Hebrew translation volunteer for cemetery project #usa #translation

A. E. Jordan

I have photographed a few cemetery plots which are entirely in Hebrew. Unfortunately it is beyond my time and Hebrew skills to translate the entire plot so what I was hoping is that someone might work with me so that the plot could be translated and put into a database. Ultimately it can get into the burial database so people can find the stones.
The first plot I have is 124 photos although some might be duplicates, unreadable, etc. I actually have a few such plots sitting on my computer waiting for attention beyond this one too.
What I am thinking is that I can upload the raw photos to someone along with the data from the cemetery either in a Word or spreadsheet document. Then it requires going through each photo and translating it and matching it to the listing and entering the Hebrew translated data to form the database. So you need Hebrew skills and some computer skills and available time. I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm to help but this requires good Hebrew skills as it is not really something to be practice on.
If anyone is interested email me off the list at aejordan at aol dot com and we can discuss what is involved.
Thank you.
Allan Jordan
New York

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