Re: Yiddish Language Instructions - Duolingo #yiddish


I have also started this course and am enjoying it.

If you want to try, I suggest you first learn the Yiddish (Hebrew) alphabet somewhere else, as the early lessons in Duolingo are a good drill for reviving your knowlege of it but not I think very good for learning the letters from scratch.  There are phone and computer flashcard apps that do this better.

Can someone who knows Yiddish say something about the speakers? I realize many accents are available and the whole Litvak/Galizianer thing plays into it, but some of the words do not sound like I expect. Official instructors elsewhere speak YIVO but real people on the street speak in other ways, similar to how the Spanish you hear in NYC does not sound like what you might hear in Madrid.

Robert Roth
Kingston, NY

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