What happened to Lilli Karoline Loeb? #usa #names


I am trying to find out what happened to my Aunt, Lilli Karoline Loeb.  I know that she was born  on 10 October 1912 in Sprendlingen, Germany.    ( I am also interested in joining a Sprendlingen research group. ) I have been able to discover that she fled Germany to work as a nurse at the City Hospital in Nottingham, UK in 1939.   Nov. 7, 1940 she came to the US on the ship ‘Samaria’.   Then she joined her brother, Arthur Anselm Loeb, in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1941.  She lived with him and his wife Edith Loeb  (nee Zodner).  Finally, she made her way to New York City in 1946.  Her address at the time was in Washington Heights, NYC.


After 1946, I can not find any information. I do not know if she married, or if she left the United States or if she died.   I have requested marriage or death records from NYC but there are no records for her.   If anyone has any ideas of where I could continue to research please let me know.

Ramona Meher

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