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Ha!  Birth dates are a fun topic.  People really didn't pay attention to those things especially in the old country.  Even in the US they can be iffy.

A couple of examples:  My gm was born in Warsaw, but she never really new her actual birthday.  Somehow in the early 1960s one of her brothers got the date from Warsaw (I wish I knew how).

My father's New York City birth certificate has a "wrong" first name (as does my mother's) and a birth date that he said he didn't use as a child.  The family celebrated it on a different day a few weeks earlier.  Our theory is that the later date was the day the midwife registered the birth. He used the certificate date as his official b-day and celebrated it then too. And to make things crazier, his father's Petition for Naturalization, which lists his family, has a birth date for my father that is a year later and his sister's year was several years too early. And my adult father was there when the petition was filled out. 

Unless there is a burning reason to have certainty for a birth date, I wouldn't get to worked up about the actual date.  As long as you have the right person, be satisfied.

Jessica Schein

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