Re: USCIS Documents #records


I paid for a search for my husbands grandfather just about the time Covid started and it took about 8 months with very little status info given.  I then paid for a copy of the records and just before I actually received them. Ancestry posted the files for PA Naturalizations (this was late 1930's).  Basically exact thing I got from USCIC except there copy was redacted.   I've also read and discovered that they are moving some of the files that involve people over 100 yrs old over to Kansas City Archives (National).   I've actually ordered two sets for people that arrived about that same time frame but did not apply until 1930/1940.  Both of these were women who supposedly would have been naturalized under their husbands. One of them even had a copy of a marriage license included.  The file from KC cost me $28.  The process is so much easier than the USCIS process.  I would look around in Ancestry and Family search to see if you can locate references and try the other methods before spending the $ for the USCIS file.  The record set on ancestry is  U.S., Index to Alien Cases Files at the National Archives at Kansas City, 1944-2003.  

Katherine Block
Canton, GA

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