Re: Obtaining German Citizenship under Article 116 #germany

Andreas Schwab

Obtaining birth certificated from Gemany is super easy if you know the municipality where your ancestor was born, provided it is your direct ancestor (your parent, greatparent or great-greatparent). If the birth is less than 110 years ago, the competent office is the Standesamt (civil registration office), which can be at the municipal or sometimes at the Kreis (county) officies. Older birth records (which can also be obtained by others than direct descendants) are held at the municipal archives. In some places (like Würzburg), the records have been destroyed in WWII, but the city will be happy to provide repacement certificates.
If you don't know the place where your ancestor was born, it becomes much more difficult. If you know at least one place where your ancestor has resided, the archivist of that place can maybe find out where your ancestor was born based on other documents such as residents' registration records or land records. A local genealogist could maybe help you in this case, too.
Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

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