Re: What would likely be the Jewish name for Samuel Black? #general #poland #names

Lee Jaffe

Sorry about that. I've been neck-deep in a search for a 3x great-grandfather Szymel these days and once I started with SZ my fingers automatically filled in the rest.

The point stands, however, that the name Samuel isn't necessarily going to be rendered in the Polish or Yiddish form everywhere. A search for Szmuel Schwarz in Breslau, the town in question, will find nothing but Samuel Bloch is listed. 

Lee David Jaffe

Surnames / Towns:  Jaffe / Suchowola, Poland ; Stein (Sztejnsapir) / Bialystok and Rajgrod, Poland ; Joroff (Jaroff, Zarov) / Chernigov, Ukraine ; Schwartz (Schwarzman?, Schwarzstein?) / ? ;  Koshkin / Snovsk, Ukraine ; Rappoport / ? ; Braun / Wizajny, Suwalki, Poland,  Ludwinowski / Wizajny, Suwalki, Poland


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