Re: BIRENBAUM Inquiry #usa

Kathryn Kanarek James

My great grandfather’s sister was Esther Birnbaum (née Kanarek), widow of Joseph Birnbaum. Her family came from Galicia. She had two daughters who died in NYC (Rose Appel and Rebecca Lichtblau). I have been trying to find records for them on JRI-Poland without success. I have found American records but not European records. If you run across them in your research, please let me know. Thanks!

Kathryn Kanarek James
Annandale, VA
Poland: KANAREK in Tarnobrzeg, Tarnow; SINGER in Tarnow
UKRAINE: WANG in Lublin, WEGODNER in Sokolievka/Justingrad, SADUCH/SEDUCH/SIDUCHE, GOLDSTEIN and LANDA in Shpikov

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