Obertyn cemetery #galicia

Rod MacNeil

Yaron Wolfstahl asked this weekend about the Jewish cemetery in Obertyn.

The cemetery was destroyed and the headstones were used for local
building projects and roads.

A local Ukrainian businessman, Bogdan Stanislawski, bought the adjacent
property and cemetery property. On the adjacent property stood an old
barn whose foundation was constructed >from the headstones. Mr.
Stanislawski had the barn dismantled and moved the headstones to a
memorial row along the cemetery edge. Jonathan Shaffer has wonderful
pictures of this memorial on his website:

I met with Mr. Stanislawski last August when I was in Obertyn and nearby
Chortovets. I would have had family members buried in that cemetery. It
was a very moving and emotional experience for me.

Rod MacNeil

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