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David Lewin

At 02:31 18/05/2021, Jx. Gx. wrote:
At the top of my ggf's tombstone are the words  ציון ×œ× ×¤×©

I'm trying to get an appropriate and grammatically correct translation of these two words. I received two translations from another Jewish website and they both could fit in the context of a headstone, but they do not agree with each other. One translation seems to fit better with the rest of the tombstone inscription that speaks of my ggf as a devout practitioner and teacher of the Torah. But I want to be sure that translation is correct and conveys the right meaning.

Maybe the problem with the translations is because the original inscription does not include vowels and therefore one of the words is being confused with another Hebrew word.  A literal translation of the inscription might mean Zion to the soul. To me that would imply he was passionate about Zion. However, another person said it should be read as "Tsyun NOT Tsiyon and means "a monument, tombstone, a memorial sign." In that sense the two words would mean something like "A memorial to a (deceased) soul."

Thank you for your assistance.

Jeffrey Gee
Arizona, USA

Tziyun lanefesh = literally recording for a soul
Any action performed to indicate the place of burial or to retain
the memory of the deceased

David Lewin

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