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Well I can speak with experience on this.  My husbands grandfather was Samuel Block from around Kiev, Russia.  I looked for probably 15 yrs before I finally found his passenger list. And I was skeptical about it until I checked with my FIL and confirmed he did indeed have a scar on his forehead.   The ship manifest for him says Schloma Black coming into Philadelphia on the Merion 20th of Feb 1907.  I can not find any records of him as "Black" anywhere. Other convincing info that it was his record was the fact he was going to Mckeesport PA to his BIL M. Goodman.   I thought maybe it was a misspelling or translation error until I found a sibling who also came in as Blach  Along with a women who would eventually become their SIL who travelled with her using Blach as a surname. I found the marriage record and her surname was Neschelman.  I know its Samuel's sister (Riwke) and her eventual SIL(Sure) as they were going to M. Goodman in McKeesport.  Strange thing is that the person listed as the contact in Russia for both girls is the father of Samuel.  His name was Gedalie.  Its the only record I have that shows his name that originated outside the US.  And on that part of the record I'm un able to determine if it is Bloch or Blach.  All this to say that Samuel's name on his passenger list was Schloma and I've seen it a few other times in his early records.  On his stone he is "Shlomo Yitzchak ben Gedayla Halayvi."    Good luck with your search.   I just tend to be very open minded when it comes to spelling of names.   

On another note.   Do you know any of his sibling names or that of his parents.  The Polish records tend to have lots of holes in them.  I've often found more regarding siblings (like births etc) then the person in my direct tree.  What does his gravestone say?

Katherine Block
Canton, GA

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