Atlantic Park Hostel for transmigrants, England 1922-1931 #unitedkingdom #general


Hi - I'm a retired ex BBC TV News Editor in the UK researching the Atlantic Park Hostel for transmigrants which operated at Eastleigh in
England between 1922 and 1931. Some US newspapers called it  "England's Ellis Island ".
Around 900 mostly Russian Jews were stranded there in 1923 due to quota changes under US Immigration Law. Thousands more Jews were stranded in other European ports and were helped by HIAS and other Jewish support groups.
Some sailed the Atlantic but were sent back from Ellis Island  to Southampton because the Russian quota was found to be full.
Some Russians had to wait in England for up to 7 years to get into America. Those that didn't make opted to go to Canada, Argentina , South Africa or 
Palestine instead. Many who did eventually get admitted to America went to live the family or relatives in New York , Philadelphia and Chicago and became naturalised American citizens. There was even an "Atlantic Park Club of New York" in the 1930s  where Jewish emigrants who stayed there held  reunions. If you know of a family descendant who stayed at Atlantic Park Hostel in England , I'd love to hear from you.
Thank you
Lee Desty , Southampton,UK

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