WWI - Which army? #austria-czech

Roberta Berman

By 1914 my gr-grandfather Abraham Schoenholz of Zalesczcyki in Galicia had sent all of his
children to America. He and his second wife were not able to leave until 1921.

I was told the following by Abraham's grandson, who was told it by his mother
(Abraham's daughter). I wrote it down word-for-word as the grandson was talking.

In 1916 Abraham and a group of people in Zaleszczyki were going to travel together to
get a ship and go to America.
On the day they were leaving, Abraham and his wife got to the bridge when he remembered
that he promised a widow who had a disabled child that when he left he would take them
with him. He turned his wagon around and went back to get them. By the time they got back
to the bridge the Russians had destroyed it, so they couldn't leave.
He hid in the woods >from the Russians and was found by the army and drafted on the spot,
even though he had served in the army years earlier when he took the place of his married

Since Abraham lived in Zaleszczyki, he most likely served in the Austrian Army earlier when
he took his brother's place. He was born about 1860 and his oldest child was born about
1885. So the earlier army service would have ended a couple of years before 1885.

I searched military records for Austria at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. They all
seem to be for officers only and I couldn't find him in those records.

Are there any records of men taking the place of someone else in the Austrian Army?
Could he possibly have been drafted into the Russian Army? Are there any records?

The grandson is no longer available for clarification of the story.

Thank you for your guidance and suggestions.

Roberta Berman
So. California

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