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Susan Rosin

The Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project is proud to announce its 125th title:

Memorial book for the towns of:
Old Rafalowka, New Rafalowka, Olizarka, Zoludzk and vicinity (Rafalivka,

This is the English translation of Sefer zikaron le-'ayarot Rafalowka
Rafalowka he-hadashah, Olizarka, Zoludzk veha-sevivah

Published in Tel Aviv, 1996

Edited by: Pinhas and Malkah Hagin
Project Coordinator: Mark J. Schwartz
Cover Design: Rachel Kolokoff Hopper
Layout and Name Indexing: Jonathan Wind
Hard Cover, 8.5" by 11", 488 pages with all original illustrations and
The book is available from JewishGen for $34

The Jewish settlement in Rafalovka had existed since before the times of the
tyrant Bogdan Chmielnicki, in the mid-1600s. The town was named after the
Polish landowner, whose family name was Rafval, one of the many families of
the Polish aristocracy. Before the destruction of the town in WWII, a
recorded history of the Jewish kehilla (community) of Rafalovka existed,
documenting the lives of many generations in the centuries before the Second
World War.

In the words of the book editors:
The book expresses our grief, sorrow and cry over the loss of our beloved
ones. It is a Kaddish that was never said over the graves of our dear ones.

This Yizkor book contains many first-hand accounts and personal remembrances
of the survivors and immigrants from the town and serves as a fitting
memorial to this destroyed Jewish community and in addition bears witness to
its destruction.

For the researchers, this book contains a wealth of both genealogical and
cultural information that can provide a picture of the environment of our

Consider this book as a gift for a family member or a friend.

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Susan Rosin
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