Re: German Citizenship: Germany, Holocaust #germany #holocaust

Myra Fournier

Hi, Peter:

Thanks so much for your offer to search names. 

My parents - both emigrated to U.S.:
Egon Klappholz (born 1912 in Konigshutte)
Irene Schlesinger (born 1921 in Berlin)

My grandmothers - both emigrated to U.S.:
Johanna Klappholz - nee Schlein (born 1887 in Lendzin)
Erna Schlesinger - nee Meyer (born 1897 in Berlin)

My grandfather - emigrated to Holland
Kurt (Curt) Schlesinger (born 1885 in Berlin)

My greatgrandmother - died in Auschwitz:

Jenny Pelz - nee Gruenberg (born 1874 in Schoenlanke)

Again, my thanks.

Myra Fournier
Bedford, MA

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