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Hello and thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide! I have a somewhat detailed family history, but have been unable to find my relatives in the various databases. Perhaps some of you with more experience / knowledge can help? Ideally I'd like to find their names in the genealogy databases, in order to add more detail to my personal documents. Below are the relatives I'm trying to locate in Russia / Ukraine and Austria / Poland.

Coopersmith Family


Ruv:  = Head of other Rabbis in town – gives oral exam for Smicha (rabbinical ordination)


HaArav Mayer:  (HaArav=The Rabbi)  Rabbi Mayer Coopersmith:  Kievgeberna, Russia.  Hasidic Rav – Teteve  to Ukraine

Mayer was known as HaArov Mayer.  Ie:  The Rabbi Mayer.

M. Golda Zaslovsky – he was hired by her father to be her tutor.  Mayer Coopersmith was paid 18 Rubles per month from the Czar as a Pan Civil Court in Kievgebernya-County/Hamlet Tative – Town Chief Administrator of Civil Court.


Solomon Coopersmith:  Rav Shlomo – Hasidic (Lubuvitch)-Dad called him “Clean Shaven”  B. 1879  D. 6/3/45. age 66  of tuberculosis.  

Son of Mayer Coopersmith who had a Yeshiva in Kiev Russia. Mayer gave Smicha (rabbinical ordination) to Solomon. Solomon came to America as a translator; he returned to Russia to bring his wife and two children, Mike and Myer here in 1901.   They lived in the Bronx at 1530 Charlotte Street; and he taught Mishna on Henry Street and Clinton St. in Brooklyn.  When he was older and not well they bought land in Mountaindale part of Ellenville, N.Y.  Solomon and Golda brought Izzy  (Yitzach) Nierenburg (Golda’s cousin) to America and he worked the farm in Mountaindale .

Solomons’ brothers were Noah and Michael a U.N. Secretary. Solomon was a Kabbalist and an expert in Zohar, who would stay awake all night chanting in a closed room with a group of other men. The group he taught was: Agudas Achim Mesuda Sodem Loven.  This name is on the “two pillars” in front of the graves where the family is buried in Wellwood Cemetery, New York.  However, Solomon and Golda are buried in…. As Wellwood was not yet built. He was studying Zohar the Book of Splendor while in bed before he died.   He is buried with his head facing East and Goldas West. 


Joe Niremberg:  Scholar, Richard taught at DeWitt Clinton


Puchensky, Coopersmith  ?


Golda Zaslovsky Coopersmith:

b. 1882/3  d. Dec. 1957  Married: 1900?  mother of Louis, Mike, Myer, Willy and Rose:

Golda’s father had a Gilda Miga Pass – he was a liquor salesman and this pass permitted him to travel.  He was very wealthy – from Odessa.  When Golda married Zayde (Solomon), her father gave them a set of “gold” dishes.  She would sell one plate each year which would give them an income for that entire year. Her father was Moishe Zaslovsky.  Basha Nirenberg – Goldas’ mothers’ maiden name?


Michael Coopersmith:  B. 7/24/1901  D. 4/26/85  

Kevgoberna, suburb outside of Kiev, Russia

Bubby always told Uncle Mike to remember that he was named for Misha from Ostrova suburb of Odessa.  Wrote Masters for White Mgt. Corp.  Lady showed up at his funeral who we learned knew him for many, many years???


Myer Coopersmith:  B. 8/3/1903, Kevgoberna, Russia D. 11/?/58: after the 26th.

Burried Wellwood Cemetery.  Myer had a long term live-in relationship.  They did not marry, but she was considered his common law wife. 

Greenfield Family:

Julius Greenfield:  A Cohain

Born. 12/17/1892  D. 8/1/1973  PaDear was buried 8/3/73 Cedar Grove @ Mt.Hebron.  Queens, NY. Section 8 Hebron Block #104.

Parents:  Solomon 212 Delancy St. from Austria

               Fanny MN-Polica from Austria – B. 1867

Born: N.Y.C. Birth Cert. #48893.  Registered Levy Greenfield but called Julius.   

Abe Greenfield:   married Anna lived in Baltimore.  They adopted Miriam, who was brought from Poland by Aunt Bertha.  See Family Story.  Miriam’s’ parents and sisters were killed in Auschwitz.

Miriam Greenfield:  B. Poland 1935 ?  married Bert Botenheimer;  Wyewood 2100 Withondwood, Stevenson, Md. 21153  410-486-2396, parents and sisters killed Auchwitz. 

Bertha Greenfield:  PaDears’ aunt through his fathers’ second marriage?

Bertha went to Poland in 1937 to visit her sister.  Bertha brought her niece, Miriam to America – she was two years old.  Bertha, unmarried gave Miriam to Aunt Anna and Uncle Abe (Greenfield).  They adopted Miriam.  Bertha returned to Poland in 1939 and there married her cousin Mike Birnbaum.  They came to the states and lived in Bklyn. 
Mike Birnbaum:   B: Mielec sounds like Meletz, Poland.

Anna Satz:   Parents:  Dora and Jacob Satz

Brothers:   Sidney, Harry, Paul.  Sister: Ruth (Rudy).

Anna visited Nathan in Poland and married him there.  They came to America in 1939 where Bob was born.  Between Bob and Frieda Anna gave birth to twin boys who did not live.  Don’t know full story.  Anna is buried in Pinelawn Cemetery, Wellwood Avenue, Long Island, N.Y. next to Nathan.

Nathan Mantel:     B. 12/14/1913 Austria/Hungary – now Poland. 

Died:  8/2/76 age 62 of chronic acute heart failure, Long Beach Hospital at 3:45 a.m.

After coming to America in 1939, Nathan joined the U.S. Army when the U.S. entered WWII.  He was sent to Europe.  Nathan is buried in the Pinelawn Military Cemetery, Long ISland, NY.

Buried 8/3/76 – Grave 9A Section 2H.  Nathans’ parents, brothers and sisters were killed in Auschwitz. Mothers’ maiden name: Frieda Franzbleau. 

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