Plagai, Lithuania - I'm lookin' for it, You got it? #poland #lithuania

Arthur Sissman

I am looking for Plagai, Lithuania.  The nearest I can find is Plunge, Lithuania and Plagai is NOT one of the alternate spellings.  It was supposed to be in the state of Suvalk, Russia or Poland (in the late 1800's).  I have a relative who was born in Shakki (now Sakiai, Lithuania.  I found Suvalk (now Suwalki, Poland) and Shakki.  I found this reference on Lith Births to Plagi vil, Zyple area, Wladyslavow, Suwalki.

Please help me find Plagai, Lithuania.  I have researched JewishGen Town Finder, the Gazetteer, and Google for Plagai.  The family lore says that when the Jews of the area were force to take surnames, my ancestors surname became Plager.  Sorta like Moses ben Chaim Plager!  And the surname Plagar was off and recreating!  So where is my hometown?

Thanks in advance!
Arthur Sissman
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