Re: Where can I find Lodz Court records for 1949 #lodz

Lewis, Megan

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has the Lodz Sąd Grodzki (Municipal Court) court files for cases involving declaring someone dead for the years 1946-1950.  The catalog record for this collection is at  The finding aid for this collection, which you can access by clicking on the finding aid button, lists the names of the people involved.  The finding aid is in Polish so you need to be mindful on the Polish declensions that change the ending of names. We have Sąd Grodzki records from over 25 cities in towns in Poland.  Researchers can search our Collections Search catalog at

Cannot help with the 1922 records, sorry. You might want to check the website of the Lodz branch of the Polish National Archives to see if they have the court records.

Megan Lewis

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