Isaac Luria genealogy #general

Peter Cohen

Is anyone aware of credible trees regarding the ancestry or descendants of Isaac Luria (1534 - 1572)?  I have seen multiple trees that have him as the son of Solomon Luria, the Maharshal (1510 - 1573 or 74).  That seems unlikely. Biographies of Isaac Luria say his father died when Isaac was a child and Solomon Luria died after Isaac died. In addition, Isaac was born, lived and died in Jerusalem, Safed and Egypt, and Solomon was born and died in Poland.

I ask because I recently found a picture of the 1887 gravestone in Vilna of a relative (Zlata Hinda Luria Rotkovitz) that says she is descended from Isaac Luria.  I don't know if any of Isaac Luria's descendants ever lived in Eastern Europe.

Peter Cohen

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