Re: Need Assistance with Genealogy Databases - Not finding names #names #ukraine


On Fri, May 21, 2021 at 12:28 PM, Michele Lock wrote:
Greenfield was most likely originally Grunfeld or Gruenfeld.

I think Greenfield might be correct as well, although I see your point as the notes say the father is from Austria.  I would look for Grinfeld in the manifests.
This might actually simplify things.  Born in Austria, which really means Austria-Hungary at that time (prior to birth of Julius in NYC in 1892).  According to the notes, there was travel to Poland in 1939, presumably to the area that was formerly Austria-Hungary.  You would have to do some research on the pre-WWI vs pre-WWII borders to determine possible origin.  Also, wouldn't the ship manifests from NYC to Europe for Jan 1-Sep 1 1939 be easily available?

Mike Vayser

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