Help deciphering a town name on passenger Manifest #records #belarus

David Levine


Can anyone decipher this town name in Russia? 

The traveler and her son are in rows 1 and 2
Esther married in Slutsk, Belarus and was living there when first her husband (who is confirmed to have been born in Slutsk) left
I had thought it was Slutsk but Yuri DOrn of JHRG did not find the family there (they did find her husband)

It is likely that the place here is somewhere in Belarus, in Minsk G.
Possibilities are Minsk itself, G/Hlusk, Babruysk
The full page is attached

Many thanks

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Weinstein -> Solotwina, Galicia | Frisch, Hilman, Jungerman, Schindler -> Rozniatow, Galicia | Golanski, Kramerofsky/Kromerovsky -> Kiev | Lefkowitz -> Petrikov, Belarus | Shub, Rosen Hlusk, Belarus | Levine, Weiner, Zamoshkin -> Slutsk, Belarus 

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