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Jeffrey Knisbacher


Explanation follows:

Three years ago, someone in this group graciously sent me the attached Polish document, possibly a census record or a military conscription record for a Chaim Ber KNISBACHER of Kolomyja. At the time, I could not connect to it and simply filed it away. But just the other day some of my family "stumbled upon" this Stolperstein for a Chaim KNISBACHER in Bremen, Germany:

Stolperstein HB - Chaim Knisbacher 1896.jpg


I subsequently found a second Stolperstein from Bremen for what was likely his wife, Donja KNISBACHER, b. 1898.



In the above Polish document what I can read is as follows and need help with what I can't read as indicated:


1. Birth date: 15 January, 1896.

2. Parents: Ettie Knisbacher

3. Profession: Merchant

4. Religion: Jewish

5. Parents' residence or location of profession? (Is that correct?): Can't read the handwriting

6. Notes at bottom: can't read

On the right hand side

7. Education: 1907 [when Chaim Ber was 11 years old] but can't read more than that

8. Date: 31 May 1939  [significantly, still before the Nazi invasion on Sept 1, 1939]

9. Height: 163 cm. [64 inches=5 feet 4 inches]

10. Chest girth?  85/78 cm. Not sure what that means

11. Weight: 54 kg = 119 pounds

12. Doctors' evaluation?   Can't read

13. Conscription committee?  Can't read


Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated! This man Chaim Ber, from Kolomyja, is apparently connected to both the "Vienna branch" of my family and to Saul ben Meir, b. 1881 Kolomea KNISBACHER, the husband and cousin of my father's aunt Frieda, both of whom came to the US from Austria-Hungary in 1907. [We still do not know the exact nature of the cousinship.]

Jeffrey Knisbacher,  Bradenton Florida 


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