Help deciphering family names and town name on passenger manifest #records #usa

Adam Block

I have been trying to find information about a relative Barney Stein.  He passed away in Chicago, in 1943.  I believe that I found a record for him and members of his familiy at Ellis island, and a section of the document has been attached.  The first names of the family members were transcribed as follows:  Girta, Jtrig, Leis, Schmere, Bonze, Chatzkel.  Also, the last place of residence was transcribed as Tushalaby.  I attempted to search for Tushalaby and was unable to identify such a location.  Also, some of the names sound unusual, and I am curious if they may be a type of "slang", or whether there may be a more common form for the names listed?

Thank you.
Adam Block



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